Bringing together human creativity, AI, and automation.

ConteSaaS-AI is a software development company focused on improving human productivity with immersive solutions that meld the power of AI with human creativity. With the advent of machine learning and Large Language Models, marketing professionals and the general public alike have the ability to create content in seconds. Companies are rewriting the rules of content marketing as we know it, using natural language to generate contextually relevant responses that they can easily turn into different assets. But as exciting as AI has become, one thing is still clear: no technology can understand emotions better than humans. Human ingenuity is an invaluable asset. And we believe every person has the capacity to be creative. Sometimes, all you need is a guide that can give your ideas structure without requiring extensive energy and time.

Our flagship product, ContentGen, is that guide. Marketers have long struggled to keep pace with the digital world. Reaching a buyer in an online world that churns out endless content requires skilled resources − a commodity that’s oftentimes outsourced because a company lacks the capacity or expertise. ContentGen addresses this challenge head-on, empowering any person, regardless of their role, to turn an idea into a ready-to-launch marketing campaign in a matter of hours.

One form. One campaign. Up to 12 different marketing deliverables.

Our mission is to help big and small companies produce larger volumes of content without sacrificing quality. ContentGen’s intuitive intake process teaches users how to turn their words into emotionally compelling marketing messages without wasting valuable time and energy. Users are invited to upskill and learn from our intuitive campaign-building experience, taking inspiration and support from the built-in guidance and suggestions along the way. The magic of the platform is then witnessed once the writing phase is complete. With a click of a button, the content mapping begins, weaving a user’s messages into a cohesive narrative in a matter of seconds. This enables any licensed team member to generate up to 12 fully designed deliverables at once, spending less than a minute producing assets ready for customer consumption.

ConteSaaS-AI is a company founded by a team of creatives from The Odigo Group, a marketing consulting agency and project management firm based in the Pacific Northwest.